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Python​ Advanced Practical Micro-learning Program

Small class master-level online practical class

18 hours to build an intelligent chatbot with Python Flask


​Why take this course?

Data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence have become popular keywords in recent years. In addition to the continuous recruitment of a large number of relevant talents in the technology industry, the traditional financial industry, manufacturing, service industry and government departments are also actively establishing data analysis teams to collect internal and external data for business decision-making. Especially for enterprises, good data and proper use can not only create value for enterprises, but also increase revenue.


However, before doing data analysis, how to collect the required data extensively? Learning Python is the key. In addition to collecting internal corporate data, Python can monitor specific websites, capture website pictures and videos, and quickly grasp stock and housing market data for subsequent analysis.

Complete example diagram

​course features

Fourteen-time MVP re-elected by Microsoft

The world's most valuable experts serve as lecturers.

Practical orientation, providing rich and complete cases for easy review after class.

Suitable for different industries and different sectors,

Learners with no programming background at all.

​Course Outline


Power Pivot data modeling

  • Basic concepts of big data

  • Download and install Power BI Desktop

  • Import data into Power Pivot

  • Relationships and Hierarchy Settings of Data Tables

  • The Concept and Establishment of Quantity


Power Query data normalization

  • Formalize the content of the data

  • Collection and application of M language code

  • Customized report normalization

  • Manage queries


Power View builds visuals

  • Construction and application of visual effects

  • Drill-up and drill-down of multi-layer visual effects

  • Integrate visuals into reports

​Who is this class for?

  • Marketing planner/supervisor

  • Accountant/Supervisor

  • Corporate decision maker/senior executive

  • Product Manager/Project Manager

  • Salesperson/Supervisor

  • Those who do not know how to write programs but are interested in big data analysis


  • Founder of X School Software Talent Training Institution

  • Founder of Eric Programming Academy

  • Master Computer Program/Database Master

  • Online learning platform Tibame cloud development teacher

  • Lecturer of online learning platform Hiskio

  • Co-founder/Deputy General Manager of Zhongmeitong Computer Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • Honorary Instructor, KM Manager, Small and Medium Enterprise Office

  • Consultant of the Component Group of the Software Association of the Republic of China (mentoring more than 100 domestic software companies)

  • Senior Microsoft SD/DBA (SUN and Microsoft) international certificate lecturer


​Course Information

  • Course Units: 3 Chapters 12 Units

  • Course hours: 2 days and 14 hours in total

  • Class dates: 11/13 (Saturday), 11/14 (Sunday).

  • Class time: 9:00-17:00 (one hour break at noon)

  • Class location: ZOOM cloud classroom (the classroom link will be sent to students' mailboxes three days before the class starts)

​Course price

​Original price of the course



​Early Bird Discount

(Deadline: 2021/11/4)


​Double group newspaper

​The two-person group is cheaper


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