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Guide to Simple Football Accumulator Betting for Newcomers

If you are passionate about football betting, you cannot overlook accumulator bets. This type of betting is extremely attractive due to its high payout rates, simple and fast gameplay. In the article below, we will guide everyday football tips bettors on how to accurately and easily calculate accumulator bets for your reference. Let's read on.

What is a Football Accumulator Bet? An accumulator bet, also known as a parlay or Mix Parlay, is a form of betting that combines different types of odds such as Asian Handicap, European Odds, Over/Under, ½, etc., into a single bet slip.

The payout rate is calculated based on the odds and the number of bets placed by the player. If you win all the bets in the accumulator, you will be the winner. The payout rate will be multiplied by the number of bets you have participated in. Conversely, if you lose just one of the bets, you lose the entire accumulator.

The advantage of football accumulator bets is that players do not need to invest a lot of capital to potentially gain huge profits. However, bettors should still learn from experience to place accurate bets. And especially, always choose reputable and transparent bookmakers when participating.

Detailed Instructions on How to Calculate Football Accumulator Bets for Bettors Below are the two most popular methods of calculating football accumulators chosen by bettors:

How to Calculate Accumulator Bets with Asian Handicap This is the method of calculating accumulators when encountering teams and leagues in Asia, and it can be quite challenging for newcomers to football betting. The specific formula for calculating accumulators is as follows: Odds accumulator = winning odds x [1 + (½ winning odds - 1) / 2] x (1 draw odds) x ½ (½ losing odds) x…x (odds n).

For example: You place 4 bets with an amount of 3,000,000 VND, respectively with the following teams at the given odds:

Real Madrid 1.1

Barcelona 0.9

Atletico Madrid 1.3

Sevilla 1.4

Specific calculation for Asian Handicap accumulator:

If all 4 teams win, the payout: 3,000,000 x (1.1 x 0.9 x 1.3 x 1.4).

If 1 team (Barcelona) loses, the payout is: 3,000,000 x (1.1 x 0.9/2 x 1.3 x 1.4).

If 1 team (Atletico) loses ½, the payout is: 3,000,000 x (1.1 x 0.9 x 1.4 x 0.5).

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How to Calculate European Football Accumulator Bets

European football accumulator bets are relatively straightforward. The formula is as follows: Odds for the accumulator = Odds of bet 1 x Odds of bet 2 x Odds of bet 3 x…x Odds of bet n.

Example: You choose three European accumulator bets with a stake of 5,000,000 VND. Specifically:

Manchester City wins with odds of 1.20.

Liverpool wins with odds of 1.15.

Tottenham Hotspur loses with odds of 2.30.

If you win the bet, the total amount you will receive is: Accumulator odds = 1.20 x 1.15 x 2.30 = 3.174. And your winnings will be 5,000,000 x 3.174 = 15,870,000 VND.

Some Notes on Calculating Accumulator Bets: From the information above, you should now understand how to calculate football accumulator bets. Each betting format has its advantages and disadvantages. Accumulator betting can be quite complex, making it challenging for newcomers. To help with this, here are some tips and experiences you can refer to when placing accumulator bets:

Limit the Number of Bets: Don’t choose too many bets in one accumulator. Stick to about 2-4 selections.

Choose Reputable Bookmakers: Bet with top, reputable bookmakers to avoid any form of fraud.

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely: Allocate your funds reasonably to maintain stable betting practices.

Choose Bets Diagonally and Apply the Accumulator at the Right Time: Always learn from experienced players, closely follow upcoming matches to make appropriate selections.

Stay Updated: Keep up-to-date with the teams' status, such as lineups, injuries, weather conditions, players, tactics, etc. The more detailed the information, the higher the chance of winning.

Focus on High-Winning Probability Matches: Concentrate your accumulators on matches with high winning probabilities and avoid spreading your bets too thin.

Professional Accumulator Betting Tips

Enhance Your Knowledge: In almost any field, success requires accumulating knowledge. You need to grasp knowledge about football and betting. Since accumulator betting is relatively new, many players haven’t caught up yet. You can research accumulator bets on various bookmakers and from multiple sources. Choose reputable bookmakers with the highest payout rates. Accumulate your betting experience gradually.

Understand All Bet Types: To understand accumulator betting, you need to thoroughly research all types of bets. When playing, you can combine all bets with high winning probabilities. This increases your chance of success. Following betting tips from professional players usually yields higher accuracy.

Time Your Bets Correctly: When you feel one of the bets in your accumulator is about to lose, you should hedge your bets. Bet against your current accumulator to minimize losses. This timely adjustment can help salvage your situation and potentially recoup some losses.

Single Match Accumulators Have High Winning Rates: Betting on single match accumulators is challenging because it requires analyzing multiple bets. It’s difficult for players to predict the win-loss ratio of all matches within a timeframe. Participating in single match accumulators allows you to focus more. Don’t be too greedy by adding too many bets in various matches, as the difficulty increases exponentially. Winning one bet is already hard, so mixing multiple bets becomes even harder.

The information above introduces detailed calculations for accumulator bets to new bettors. Hopefully, this betting tips 1x2 app knowledge helps players understand this exciting betting type. Register and visit reputable, safe, and transparent betting sites to participate and achieve big wins.


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