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Microsoft ASP.NET CORE
  development practice

Online small class  Painless start in two days

​限時早鳥優惠 7折 起 只到 4/25 日止  
(本課程接受信用卡分期付款 確定開課後才付款)

Learn the most professional advanced ASP.NET Core development skills with the lowest learning cost.


​Course Introduction

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According to iThome, in the past three years, "ASP.NET developers" have become the most sought-after IT talents recruited by Taiwanese companies, and 104 Human Resources Bank even listed "ASP.NET full-end engineers" as the top 2 talents in terms of growth rate. Job vacancies, the number of related search vacancies has reached tens of thousands!

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Source: iThome

ASP.NET Core is a new generation of ASP.NET. It is Microsoft's first cross-platform web development framework. It can run on Windows platforms, such as Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux operating systems. Because of its cross-platform capabilities, it is the .NET Web framework. One of the must-have skills for app developers.

For learners who want to build fast, cross-platform and cloud-based web applications and services using ASP.NET Core. This course is your best choice. It only focuses on practical operation, without difficult and difficult theories. Through learning by doing, you can get started with ASP.NET Core MVC in a short time and without pain.


​course features

This course will be guided by industry practice, from shallow to deep, with 2 days and 14 hours, leading students from NET Core  Web API service design architecture, REST advanced service design, MVC Web-oriented web page design, dynamic routing configuration and interceptor security mechanism, application of Web API database access strategy to Web API security strategy, etc., truly enter the development of ASP.NET Core ranks. This course has three learning features:


  • Personally taught by famous teachers in the industry: The teachers have rich industry and teaching experience, so that students can establish the strength of ASP.NET Core MVC at the fastest speed.

  • Practical case analysis: The course will quickly explain the key points, and take you to master the practical development skills with industry cases.

  • Not limited by time and space: online live questions and answers, synchronous video review for free within one year.

​learning target

This course is taught in C#, the basic language of .NET, led by practical examples. In two days of 14 hours of course, you will learn:

  • ASP.NET backend development skills

  • Concatenate cash flow/logistics/information flow

  • AI Service service interface development

  • MVC/RWD website server development

  • APP system integration back-end development

​Course Outline

Part1-ASP.NET Core  Web API service and MVC web design

一、5/3|ASP.NET Core 基礎 Service/Middleware架構

  • 操作IServiceCollection配置服務

  • 操作IApplicationBuilder設定MiddleWare元件篩選器

  • MVC-Controller控制器核心技術

  • Front-End Controller配置路由

  • Action控制流程調用View機制

二、5/5|Dispatcher Razor Page實務設計

  • 內部調用View Page架構

  • Request狀態派送規則

  • 動態狀態管理與輸出應用

  • ViewState與dymani狀態應用

三、5/10|Razor Page HTML 與MVVM-Vue應用

  • Razor Page HTML Helper設計
  • 前端MVVM渲染技術

  • Client Side HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery應用

  • Selector核心技術

  • AJAX非同步處理架構


四、5/12|ADO.NET Entity 資料庫存取策略​

  • ORM軟體工程實現

  • DbContext設計資料存取應用

  • DI-依賴關係注入物件設計模式實務應用

  • DI注入客製化物建議用

  • 物件生命週期設計

五、5/17|Lambda Expression整合應用

  • Lambda語法與資料存取應用

  • ASP.NET Core Security設計與實作

  • Filter設計

  • FilterAttribute設計與應用


六、5/24|佈署MVC網站系統To Azure

  • Azure App網站系統建構與管理

  • 佈署網站系統

  • Azure管理與環境設定

  • 佈署網站於主機IIS伺服器

  • ASP.NET Core Web佈署IIS架構

Part2-Web API Database Access and Security Policy

一、6/14|HTTP通訊協定與RESTful軟體風格Scalar Function回應值函數應用

  • HTTP通訊協定基礎

  • 資料交換格式XML&JSON 

  • REST vs RESTful軟體風格 

  • 使用POSTMAN與Json Editor練習HTTP請求與回應應用

  • 建立一個ASP.NER Core Web API專案

  • Web API Middle架構

  • Web API Service注入

  • 回應單純字串與JSON文件內容設計

二、6/16|REST Service Request與 Resonse進階實作​

  • Consuming Services使用.NET Clients-HttpClient

  • 介接Ubike Web API獲取及時站台資訊-HttpRequestMessage應用

  • 分析JSON文件格式與反序列化機制設計

  • 重整分析資訊與回應客製化服務資訊-HttpResponseMessage應用

  • 動態路由配置與攔截器安全機制

  • 客製化Route設計

  • 動態路由與參數架構應用

  • 客製化Filter Attribute進行安全性與內容攔截作業


  • Cross Domain REST Service呼喚應用技術

  • 使用ASP.NET core 設定CORS 存取應用

  • 自訂CORS存取安全策略設計

四、6/23|Web API資料庫存取策略應用-ORM軟體工程實現

  • 設計WEB API整合資料庫存取應用

  • 整合ASP.NET Core entity Framework進行資料存取

  • Singleton 注入ORM物件服務架構

  • 客戶資料查詢與離線物件模組序列化應用

  • 佈署雲端服務Azure-Web API

五、7/1|Web API安全性策略-API Key與Authorization應用設計WEB API整合資料庫存取應用

  • Web API 安全性策略 

  • API Key與Authorization應用

  • 設計整合Line Bot WebHook服務介接應用

  • JWT許可證安全性設計與應用



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​suitable object

  • With C# programming language foundation, want to learn how to access database developers.

  • .NET application system development engineer, who wants to enter the database to obtain core technology developers.

  • Want to enter the .NET backend service development engineer.

  • .NET system analysis planner, who needs to enter the database to obtain the core strategy architect.



​Microsoft full-end development teacher Chen Zongxing

  • Founder of X School Software Talent Training Institution

  • Founder of Eric Programming Academy

  • Master Computer Program/Database Master

  • Tibame Microsoft full-end development engineer training class lecturer

  • Online learning platform Tibame cloud development teacher

  • Lecturer of online learning platform Hiskio

  • Co-founder/Deputy General Manager of Zhongmeitong Computer Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • Honorary Instructor, KM Manager, Small and Medium Enterprise Office

  • Consultant of the Component Group of the Software Association of the Republic of China (mentoring more than 100 domestic software companies)

  • Senior Microsoft SD/DBA (SUN and Microsoft) international certification lecturer



​本身是在職軟體工程師,在上過宗興老師的ASP.NET CORE 課程後,真的與一般外面大型訓練機構的課程很不同。宗興老師完全是以最貼近業界的帶法,帶我們掌握業界所需的關鍵核心技術,而非像其他上過的老師,只談一堆基本概念,到最後回到職場,卻發現根本派不上用場。


上過宗興老師的ASP.NET CORE課程後,覺得宗興老師上課真的非常認真,教得非常仔細,範例也都非常貼近實務,且整體教學上非常扎實,原理和應用講的淺顯易懂,補足自身先前只知道片面的缺陷,真的非常推薦宗興老師的ASP.NET CORE課程。


在上完宗興老師的ASP.NET Core 課程後,真的覺得CP值超級高。當初看到這堂課程的課綱跟價格時,我還找了我公司的兩位同事一起學習。我跟我同事在上完課程後,都覺得宗興老師真的是太厲害了!老師在觀念跟實作上都帶的講解的非常精闢,學完後也讓我們在職場上,真正能學以致用。

​Course price










​Course Information

  • Course Units: 2 Chapters 9 Units

  • Course hours: 2 days and 14 hours in total

  • Class dates: 2022/3/12 (Saturday), 3/19 (Saturday).

  • Class time: 9:00-17:00 (one hour break at noon)

  • Class location: ZOOM cloud classroom  

  • Number of students in the course: a limit of ten.

​Preparation before class

  • Tools/software to be prepared (If you don't know whether the version is supported before registering for the course, please leave a message to confirm with us.): Visual Studio 2019 and .NET 5 platforms need to be installed

  • Required background knowledge​ : Basic computer operation ability is enough, it is recommended to have C#, HTML, CSS foundation


  • Course content, dates and instructors may be revised for any reason, and the organizer reserves the right to make changes.

  • Students need to bring their own laptops.

  • In order to ensure the quality of the course, this online live course is only open to 10 people to register, and the number of places is limited. If you want to register as soon as possible.

  • If the number of registered students is less than 6, the course will be cancelled according to the situation and the registration fee will be refunded in full.

  • If you have any business or group course needs, please contact us.

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