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About Us


"X School Software Talent Professional Training Institution" was established in 2021, dedicated to cultivating more outstanding software development talents in the south to enter the 5G AIOT industry, and strengthening the digital transformation capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises in the south. X School invites industry practical instructors and senior software engineers to guide more southern college students and working youth who are eager to join the field of software development through programming courses and digital skills courses, so that they can have complete software development skills and problem-solving ability.


Why is it named "X" School? Because X has the meaning of exploring the unknown and redefining it, it also symbolizes an important turning point in life. On the way of learning software development, it is like constantly exploring the unknown, solving problems and redefining the model. We hope that in X School, not only teaching skills, but also cultivating students' ability to actively self-learn, solve problems, and innovate applications.


Become the only "digital innovation talent training base" in the south.


In order to make up for the "gap between learning and use" in the digital industry, we hope to help students who want to change jobs and improve themselves to create a more competitive digital function.

Our team

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