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Advanced Microsoft SQL Server
Database development practice

Online small class  Three-day advanced database development practice

Learn the most professional advanced SQL Server development skills with the lowest learning cost.


​Why learn SQL Server?

Image by Danial Igdery

With the rapid development of big data and data applications, data data is becoming more and more important in many enterprises today. Even the operation of most enterprises has begun to lead to Data-Driven. In addition, with the vigorous development of cloud databases, more and more companies have moved a large number of databases from local to cloud storage. Therefore, the demand for "DBA database managers" has also increased significantly. According to the 104 survey, DBA-related talents are expected to grow rapidly at a rate of 10% between 2019 and 2029, so they have also become many engineers. A popular option for career development!

Stack Overflow has a survey on popular programming languages. A total of 64,000 developers participated in the survey. The results show that SQL is currently the second largest programming language, and 50% of developers (including web, desktop, operation and maintenance, data, etc.) using SQL. 


Source: Stack Overflow

​course features

There are many online or physical courses related to the database, most of which are oriented to basic or international certification, and there are few professional courses that are really oriented to industry practice. This course is designed for those who want to enter the practical development of advanced Microsoft SQL Server database, from custom function application, Store Procedure, In Memory, Trigger to XML application, etc. The course planningis guided by industry practice, from shallow to deep, with 3 days and 18 hours, leading you to go deep into the Microsoft SQL Server database design and system integration, and truly enter the field of database development and design of full-end application systems. The course has three characteristics:


  • Personally taught by famous teachers in the industry: The teachers have rich industry and teaching experience, so that students can establish the development strength of Microsoft SQL Server at the fastest speed.

  • Practical case analysis: The course will quickly explain the key points, and take you to master the practical development skills with industry cases.

  • Not limited by time and space: online live questions and answers, free review within one year after the synchronous video class.

​learning target

This course will take the practical method as the teaching goal. The course teaching process will lead students to master the essence and skills of advanced MS SQL through systematic teaching. Full-text search, XML data processing, etc., train you to have advanced implementation skills in database application development.

​Course Outline

Part1-Custom Functions and Stored Procedures

  • custom function application

  • Stored Procedure

  •   .net Assembly develops Function and Stored Procedure applications

Part2-In-Memory and Trigger application

  • In-Memory program

  • Trigger app

Part3-Full Text Retrieval and XML Application

  • Full-text search design and application

  • XML application

​suitable object

  • Students interested in or in need of data analysis.

  • Developers who have a basic understanding of databases and want to use Microsoft SQL Server more deeply.

  • Front-end programming, application engineer who wants to integrate database access.

  • Website system development or APP software development engineer.



​Microsoft full-end development teacher Chen Zongxing

  • Founder of X School Software Talent Training Institution

  • Founder of Eric Programming Academy

  • Master Computer Program/Database Master

  • Tibame Microsoft full-end development engineer training class lecturer

  • Online learning platform Tibame cloud development teacher

  • Lecturer of online learning platform Hiskio

  • Co-founder/Deputy General Manager of Zhongmeitong Computer Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • Honorary Instructor, KM Manager, Small and Medium Enterprise Office

  • Consultant of the Component Group of the Software Association of the Republic of China (mentoring more than 100 domestic software companies)

  • Senior Microsoft SD/DBA (SUN and Microsoft) international certification lecturer

​Course Information

  • Course Units: 3 Chapters 7 Units

  • Course hours: 3 days and 18 hours in total

  • Class dates: 2022/2/12 (Saturday), 2/19 (Saturday), 2/26 (Saturday).

  • Class time: 9:00-16:00 (one hour break at noon)

  • Class location: ZOOM cloud classroom  

  • Number of students in the course: a limit of ten.

​Preparation before class

  • Tools/software to be prepared

  • You need to prepare a computer and install Visual Stido 2019 Community and SQL Server 2014 (above) Developer tools.

  • Need to have Microsoft SQL Server database construction and development foundation.


  • Course content, dates and instructors may be revised for any reason, and the organizer reserves the right to make changes.

  • Students need to bring their own laptops.

  • In order to ensure the quality of the course, this online live course is only open to 10 people to register, and the number of places is limited.

  • If the number of registered students is less than 6, the current course will be cancelled according to the situation and the registration fee will be refunded in full.

  • If you have any business or group course needs, please contact us.

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